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 glassy eyes
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Posted - Jan 06 2018 :  15:17:01  Show Profile
I was reading through this forum and I stumbled across a topic that interests me.
may2017 art talking to mikmoth
That is some great modelling Mik but one thing I actually read two days ago was that a lot of the 3D characters have what they termed, "Dead eyes". I think they meant no life as in moisture or shiny appearance to them. Real eyes are moist and cast reflections whereas some of the 3D people's eyes are just an eyeball without the added realism.
Mikmoth replied
Thanks Art! I'll try some to get some "live" eyes for my women!
My interest in this is, that not being an artist I collect a few cg images of women, say from renderosity or pinterest. A feature I don't like about CG art of women is the eyes, mainly eye reflections. CG artists go out of their way to put strong eye reflections on their art. To me it makes the art look ugly.
Why.....when I go out in the real world and mingle with people I look at their eyes and the light reflects into my eyeball and goes to my brain and then my brain filters off the eye reflections and passes to my mind an image without any eye reflections. My brain looks after me and presents a better world. I live in a fantasy world where people don't have glassy eyes or eye reflections.
I have not really discussed this with many people but I suspect all people, except CG artists, don't see eye reflections.
I have tried a few times over the last 20 years to get my brain to filter off eye reflections on pictures on my computer screen, but my brain refuses to do so. I don't know why.
Art mentioned 'dead eyes' so I have just spent about 3 hours reading the web to find out what they are.
There are a few different types of dead eyes and dry eyes but I think what he was referring to was.....

"Dead-eye syndrome is a condition in computer generated films where the human characters appear artificial and creates a doll-like feeling to the characters, sometimes projecting there is no humanity in their eyes. This problem typically arises with computer generated characters made using motion capture technology. Since so much of human expressivity is determined by eye and eyelid movement, and since motion capture is unable to capture such subtle gradations, computer characters' eyes seem fixed and dilated, giving the feeling that the characters, though in motion, are dead."

I googled dead eye images and found....the black iris is very small and the facial expression is dull and the eyelids are not natural....
dead eyes are more to do with facial expression than the eyeball, except for the iris.

What is the to make an avatar look alive... my opinion and my preference at the moment....
1. I prefer a satin eye, neither glossy nor dull.
2. the pupil should be crystal clear, not fuzzy.
3. increase the whole eye size by, say 20 to 50 percent of a human.
4. increase the pupil size by 20 to 50 percent.
5. the black iris should be large
6. the colour should be light.
7. the colour should be bright
8. no reflections.
9. the eyeball should not have a bright lower half and a darker top half in shadow.
10. the avatar should have a few jpegs making the eye move a couple of degrees side to side.

Don't ask me to draw some eyes, I have no artistic skill and no computer skill. This forum is pretty dead, so I thought I would throw something in for people to chew over.


Edited by - ray111au on Jan 07 2018 11:19:20


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Posted - Feb 02 2018 :  13:56:21  Show Profile
Good post Ray, and yes, your research pretty much nailed that condition to which I was referring!

I'm not sure I'd go with making the eyes that much bigger because often times, bigger-than-normal eye sizes can appear somewhat Cartoonish or like those Anime characters.

If modeling a human one could certainly look at the models from Poser or Daz3D or the nice ones from talented Maya artists.

Sadly, sometimes even those models have unrealistic eyes.

The old saying was that the Eyes are the window to the soul might be right.

Here's looking at you, kid!

- Art -
In the world of AI it's the thought that counts!
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