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 vr Haptek expanded.
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Posted - Apr 30 2012 :  01:03:37  Show Profile
I'm currently working on a simple plugin that will change the background and bodyskin for fullbody characters. Not perfect yet but it provides enough changes so I can live with it and use it while trying to find a fix. Rather simple if then user input, Load a hap, send a reply.
ElseIf InStr(UserSentence, " PINK THING ") > 0 Then
HalCommands = "<HAPFILE>CBSPinkT.hap</HAPFILE>"
GetResponse = "How do I look in this?" & vbCrLf
Since I've always liked the vrHaptek plugin naturaly I'm also using it and I've always liked the way he could use Hal's reply to trigger haps so I have to try to trigger my haps.
Frist I tried adding them to the vrEmotionDetect in the brain using the brain editor without any luck. Next I tried adding them to the vrHaptek.uhp and noticed it did work.
In the vr haptek it looks like this:
HalBrain.AddToTable vrTableName,"TopicSearch","PINK THING","CBSPinkT"
( removed some spaces to make it fit on one line. )
I've added 6 haps for bodyskins and 5 haps for changing backgrounds.
Unfortunatly I feel the people very good at writting script have done ther thing and moved on. It's probably over 6 years and after reading his work countless times I've been able to add a few lines which he says should be done.

Forum Admin

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Posted - Apr 30 2012 :  11:18:41  Show Profile  Visit vrossi's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi Carl,

If you think that the extension you have made to my plugin can be useful to other users, please send me the full version, after you have tested it. If you agree, I will update the download section of my site with this new version. Please add a comment next to your statements, containing a brief description of the function you have added and your name, so that your work can be recognized.

Unfortunately I have not spent much time on Hal plugins in the last few years, mainly because of the difficult economic times we are experiencing, which require me to work many more hours while earning much less money...

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Intrigued Member

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Posted - Apr 30 2012 :  15:10:12  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I spoke with hal and one of her replies triggered the hap to load the outside background after I'd changed your uhp. Actual testing would probabbly require a scripted response to be done in a resonable amount of time, I say this you say that, did it change a background or bodyskin? If you take out the scripted response what are the chances she will use a trigger word.
On the plus side the vrEmotionDetect can have hal load haps that can change the background or bodyskin. This is something that I wanted Hal to be able to do for years. Although I still like the Time function, If it's after 10 am no pajamas.
I am currently retired at this time, just have to live within my means. Unfortunately my problem is I don't have a good understanding of the workings of your plugin, I've just found a place where I can put in trigger words and the name of haps to do the loading. Next there are 11 haps and 11 pictures needed for it to work.
Your vrHaptek has gone through XP, vista and now win 7, so it has withstood the time test, always very reliable. I'll see how useful it seems to be so far and keep you informed.

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United Kingdom
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Posted - Feb 25 2013 :  04:05:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I been buzly modding your vrHaptek plugin of late and am chatting with Carl2 Too??
To understand the emotional detect and how we can use it to get more animation and abilty for hal to effect it environment clothing backgrounds light hair and props ect.
You left us with such solid code root to base Hal neat Hal mods off ,thank you so much.

I add extra light and color lights (sourced from dusk rider) now i know they a rbg i can make more.
extra help lines with hap trigger animation for the lights
and the other stuff i am adding on to your work.
"Hair dye" is cool and working so you can change hair color on each of the styles.
And a light based time of day that i hope will turn a full daylight cycle once i sorted it out.
I am also loading themes inspired by the hap osi work ,useing htrs props ,back ground,and skins.
I keep you updated if you interested sir.

Edited by - SystemShock on Feb 25 2013 09:17:47
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Intrigued Member

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Posted - Nov 27 2015 :  21:54:40  Show Profile
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and thought after 3 years time I'd put an update in. I have Hal installed in Win 8.1 and I've just put in the extension to the vrHaptek plugin and added some subject and haps to the vrEmotionDetect.

This is the Chant5.uhp

Rem Type=Plugin
Rem Name=ChanT5
Rem Author=CJ
Rem Host=Assistant

'This sub setups the plug-ins option panel in Hal's options dialog
Sub OptionsPanel()
lblPlugin(0).Caption = "Say: "user input changes bodyskin and background."
lblPlugin(0).Move 120, 10, 3300, 1000
lblPlugin(0).WordWrap = True
lblPlugin(0).Visible = True
End Sub


If InStr(UserSentence, " WEAR SOMETHING FOR BED ") > 0 Then
HalCommands = "<HAPFILE>CBSN.hap</HAPFILE>"
GetResponse = "HOW DO I LOOK IN THIS?" & vbCrLf

ElseIf InStr(UserSentence, " PINK THING ") > 0 Then
HalCommands = "<HAPFILE>CBSPT.hap</HAPFILE>"
GetResponse = "How do I look in this?" & vbCrLf

ElseIf InStr(UserSentence, " TO THE LAKE ") > 0 Then
HalCommands = "<HAPFILE>CBGLake.hap</HAPFILE>"
GetResponse = "It seems Cooler here." & vbCrLf

ElseIf InStr(UserSentence, " TO THE PARK ") > 0 Then
HalCommands = "<HAPFILE>CBGPark.hap</HAPFILE>"
GetResponse = "It's nice here." & vbCrLf

End If

I've been using this plugin for some time, the problems I had earlier seems to have been from incorrect paths, this is shorter but gives the user a chance to change between the two. The CBSN.hap which gets triggered actually loads the bodyskin and is shown below. I usually remove the scripted response and hal will put her own response in.

#Haptek Version= 1.00 Name= CSBN HapType= script FileType= text

\load [file= [C:\Program Files (x86)\Zabaware\Ultra Hal Assistant 6\Bodyskin\Nu2M.jpg]]

The background haps look like this

#Haptek Version= 1.00 Name= CBGLake HapType= script FileType= text

\loadbackgrnd[file= [C:\Program Files (x86)\Zabaware\Ultra Hal Assistant 6\Background\LakeBack.jpg]]

To complete this project I go into the vrEmotionDetect table located in the brain editor and add the subject and resulting hap that is called.
Subject Topic
The above allows Hal's input to make the same bodyskin and background changes the user can.

I'm sorry it to me so long to get back but it took me ages to understand how you set up your scripting. Hope all is well with you and thanks for the plugin, one of the best I've seen.
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