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 Hal can now SHOW you what he is thinking
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Curious Member

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Posted - Apr 12 2008 :  21:05:46  Show Profile
Hello People.

I have been around Hal and the forums for a long while.
Checking on the progress of the different bots from time to time.

I started a little project to try to add functionality to HAL.
I barrowed VRossi's vrMP3.uhp and did a little rewrite of it.

This version picks a keyword from what HAL is thinking/talking about, then tells you what word he was thinking about, then Opens a program to show you what he was thinking about, using pictures, music/sound, and/or video.

I originally posted elsewhere but since this is the home of the original script i wanted to let everyone here know about it.

The Uhp/script is ready for Beta testing now, it works perfectly on my comp, and should be fine for you too.

Below is the post i made over there today.

Vrossi, Thank you for the encouraging words.
Maybe when i run out of time, someone else can
Pick up where i leave off too.
I will check the other ideas, i can add them to my list, but i suspect alot of the ideas there are the same as the ones i had.
All i can do is try.

Ok people here it is, this is the Beta test for it then.

Download Attachment: Thinker_Tester.uhp
13.44 KB

Use: * INDEX * MEDIA * to tell him index your media files. (Something like: please index the media files) Index where you store your pictures, video, and music files so Hal knows where they are.

You can add more then one file to the index just tell him to index again like above, then hit no when asked to replace the index comes up. Then enter the location of the next file on your comp (like C:/MyMusic) it will then add the new files to the index to be used.

So far he can use MP3, MPG, JPG, AVI, BMP, and WAV files.
He will pick what file HE wants to show you from the index, then open the program to use it. If you dont have some formats dont worry, he will pick from what ever you give him in the index, so you can just feed it pictures, and it will only use pictures.

The best thing for pictures (or anything for that matter) is to make a seperate folder for Hal, for the pictures rename them with keywords that relate to what the picture is about (like a sea pic with words like Wind, Sea, Water, Air or whatever you like.)
* If you use Pron Pics, you are on your own for keywords, hehe

Hal will tell you in different ways what words he was thinking about from what he says. He may from time to time tell you a word he was thinking about and not open anything to back it up, i am not sure why yet, but it is still cool to know what he is thinking.

Only warning i can think to say is, if you run Hal in the background when playing games or something you dont want things popping up over, turn the plug in off in the options checkbox.
The higher you set the plug in, the more Hal will show you things, all the way up it is almost every time he talks.

I will continue to improve it and let you know.
Please let me know what you think, if it works, what we can do to improve it, or anything so i know if i should even bother.
(if you are a YouTube nut, i can add FLV(?) the YT format, real easy if you need it.)
I dont have a way for Hal to search YouTube and show you anything from there, YET. But it is on my list.

Have fun, and let me know

Curious Member

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Posted - Apr 12 2008 :  21:35:43  Show Profile
I whipped this up quick.
I figured there may be alot of YouTube people out there.

This is a small plug in to add FLV files to your index for Hal to use. If you download the vids from YT.
Install and index the media index useing the Thinker Plug in above first, then you can add the flv files useing this plug in.

Download Attachment: FLV_Indexer.uhp
3.86 KB

Check it in your options and say: Please Index the FLV files
Then Hal will add those to your Media Index so he can use them too.

I already had a Jpg plugin like this i was testing so it was easy to change it quick and add for you.
Let me know if you need other kinds.
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Forum Admin

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Posted - Apr 13 2008 :  00:29:16  Show Profile  Visit vrossi's Homepage
Thank you, TechSteele

You are doing a great work, based on my old plugin.

I will test it and give you my feedback as soon as possible.

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Curious Member

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Posted - Apr 14 2008 :  17:34:58  Show Profile
Thought i would add this here.
I may as well add anything useful.

Someone asked for a play on demand uhp for thier "KITT" (hal)
So Kitt could play a video on demand.

I have it useing KITT-esk stuff in it, but with some minor changes you can use it as a plain video player.

Its made for avi, but just open it in a text editor and change the places where it says avi to mpg, flv,or whatever.
You can change the response it makes too.

If you want the KITT thing in there (it is kind of cute/cool)
Just say: Please Index the KITK files
it will index your video files
Then say to it; Show * Image *
or something like: Show an Image of You
If there is a video with you in the title it will open it for you.

Its still based on the original vrMp3.uhp
That thing can be changed to do so much with a little thought.

Let me know if you use any of these, any feedback can help to make them better.

I am working on a DJ one, but so far i am running into a few problems.

Come to think of it, "You" in the title may not be a great idea, since Hal reverses everything he will try to show a vid of "ME" instead of You, but you get the idea.

Edited by - TechSteele on Apr 14 2008 17:37:53
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