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Tina (Haptek version) This is our Virtual Human chatbot, based on an AIML engine (powered by Pandorabots), a Haptek character and TTS as user interface. In case you experience some incompatibility with your browser or with your PC's installed voices, please use the SitePal version.
Tina (SitePal version) This is our Virtual Human chatbot, based on an AIML engine (powered by Pandorabots) and a Sitepal character. Use this version if you experience problems in loading the Haptek character or configuring your TTS. Otherwise, we suggest to use the Haptek version This site includes:
  • Chatbots directory: List of all chatbots (chatterbots, chat bot, conversational agents, virtual agents) in the World (still populating).
  • Business News: News about the evolution of conversational agents, virtual agents, chatterbots, brand agents, whatever terminology you prefer.
  • The professional chatbot developers community
SiteChatters Site Chatters and Info Bots are exciting additions that you can put on your website to help your visitors. Site Chatters and Infobots are Internet-based Artificial Intelligence Chat bots that can be trained by you to answer questions about your website, products, or whatever you decide to teach them.
A.I. Nexus A.I. Nexus is a showcase and link site for fine Alicebots currently being developed by some of the internet's best aspiring botmasters. Just click on a bot's icon to visit its webpage.
BotSpot The spot for all bots. A wide list of bots of every kind. Not only chatbots.
Chat Bot Survey The A. I. Foundation presents this overview of the chat robot industry as a unique service sponsored by its members. They include a database not only of AIML Bot projects but also of closely related AIML spinoffs, as well as proprietary non-AIML languages and companies, and a survey of chat robot software patents.
Directory of Bots on the Web It's an alphabetical listing of bots you can meet on the web. The A. I. Foundation provides this service to botmasters everywhere. You can get your bot listed here for only $9.95 a year. The A. I. Foundation Bot Directory is open to all chat robots, not just AIML bots.
SimonLaven On Simon Laven's site you will find dozens of Chatterbots in several categories. They can be accessed over the web, downloaded to your PC, or accessed via Java. In addition, there are two Java chatrooms (one with and one without Chatterbots), message boards, Chatterbot Papers and the latest Chatterbot news.
Daden Chatbots Daden Chatbots are a leading UK developer of chatbots.
IBM Sametime bot Bot technology by IBM and Lotus

The lists you find in the Virtual Humans Directory are compiled by V.R.Consulting, according to our knowledge about this subject and based on our evaluations. We periodically check these links in order to verify their correctness and update the comments, when needed. However we are not responsable in any way about the quality of the sites we list here. If you wish to add some interesting link to this list, or if you find any mistake in the existing links, please send an e-mail to